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Health Care Homeopathy, Alappuzha, KeralaHeath Care homeopathy is a specialty clinic / online clinic providing the benefits of homoeopathy in its best. We are offering Homoeopathy as a serious alternative to mainstream medicine. It's mainly focused on diseases that are very challenging to the medical world. However, our experiences with the thousands of prescriptions enable us to treat with a very high degree of success in all types of diseases starting from the common cold to cancer.

We are a team of 7 specialized and dedicated Homoeopathic doctors from different parts of Kerala, Providing specialty Homoeopathic treatment under 10 major specialties. The main departments are- Pediatric, Skin, Respiratory and Allergy, Thyroid and Hormonal Imbalance, Gastroenterology, Cancer, Gynecology and Infertility, Headaches & ENT, Surgical diseases, Ortho and neuro.

The main attraction of this clinic is that the departments mentioned above are headed and handled by well experienced doctors who are experts in that department. This helps them to perform very well in that department with the help of the practical experiences they have derived out of dealing with the cases of same nature. This is the main reason of our success to reach the power of homoeopathy to thousands of suffering people through Health Care Homoeopathy.

We have been committed to provide comprehensive health care services that our patients perceive as top quality, cost effective and easily accessible. If you have decided to go for Homoeopathic treatment and want the most experienced and well proven doctors, you can trust on Health care homoeopathy for the best results.

Aims and Objectives.

To provide safe and quality Homeopathic treatments to patients without side effects and build a healthy world through a very humane approach.

To treat difficult, Surgical and incurable diseases successfully through Homeopathy.

To educate people about Homeopathy, its importance, and the difference from the other systems.

Why you should Seek Treatment at Health Care Homoeopathy

Most affordable- If you compare the conventional treatment packages in different hospitals, you will find that Health Care Homoeopathy makes it possible for you to save huge amounts through its different patient-friendly treatment packages.

Personal Care- Our patients cherish the experience of prompt and efficient treatment at Health Care Homoeopathy. Every case is studied and evaluated by our expert homeopathic physicians and the prescription is arrived at after careful consideration of each and every aspect of patient's physical, mental, and emotional disharmony.

Free follow-up consultation- For ALL patients at Health Care Homoeopathy, we offer free follow-up consultation during the concerned period of treatment you have opted for. Whether you opt for 3 month package or any other, you are entitled to enjoy the best of health counseling throughout your package period.

Different Treatment Packages- For the convenience of people, we offer many treatment packages for efficient online homeopathic treatment.

Who Should Seek Health Care Homoeopathy Clinic/Online Clinic for treatment?

  • Those who want to remove the disease from the root.
  • If you feel that taking the conventional options would have profound side-effects.
  • Those who want to avoid surgery - whether it is a minor one like Tonsilitis or something more serious like Cancer.
  • If you want to avail of completely side-effect free treatment
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Health Care Homoeopathy
Radha Building
Near Bismi Hypermarket
Y.M.C.A. Road, Alappuzha
Phone : +91 9656688455

Health Care Homoeopathy
Opp. City Hospital
Near KSRTC Bus Stand
N.H.47, Kayamkulam
Phone : +91 9562088455