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1. Why do homeopaths ask so many questions?

The aim of Homeopathic consultation is to individualize each patient. Homeopathy aims to treat each particular sick individual as a whole not the disease only. In order to understand the sick man as a whole , we need to understand about his will, intellect, morals, emotions, stressful events in life and his reaction to them, probable causative factors of disease ( mental or physical) , his physical reactions to environment around and of course exact details of disease itself. So during a homeopathic consultation all this information is required to understand the complete picture of disease and find an exact medicine.

2. How long shall I take the medicine?

It totally depends on the disease, its duration and prognosis. A recently developed disease might need medicine for a shorter period while a chronic disease of many years might require medicine for longer periods.

3. Is it possible to take conventional medicines along with Homeopathy?

Homeopathy can be taken along with conventional medicines like antihypertensive, insulin, dietary supplements or other medicines which the body is used to for years and need a slow withdrawal. However certain conventional medicines like antibiotics and skin ointments and lotions are restricted as they interfere with Homeopathic medicines.

4. Are there too many dietary restrictions with Homeopathy?

No, the patient is only advised to avoid eating or drinking 15 minutes before or after taking homeopathic medication. One has to avoid coffee, raw onion and raw garlic. Also avoid eating mint, camphor and menthol as these can hinder the action of the homeopathic medicine or antidote the effects of the medicine

5. Does the Homeopath give the same white pills for all illnesses/patients?

The white pills/powders are only neutral vehicles or carriers of actual medicines that is poured on them. According to the disease and patient the actual drug is poured on these white pills, and then they get coated with the curative power of the drug. Different drugs are usually poured in various differing potencies as to best suit different patients.

6. Does homeopathy take a long time to act?

It is a myth that medicines act slowly. Its action is very quick and the effect lasts much longer, often forever and the disease is cured from its roots itself. For those disease which comes suddenly like fever vomiting, pains, etc will get better from the clinic itself after taking medicine. For those diseases which came slow and old will take few weeks or few months according to disease nature.

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