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Health Care Homeopathy, Alappuzha, KeralaDr.Satheesh kumar k.c BHMS – Is the Founder Director of Health Homoeopathy, A composed homeopath par excellence, he has been practicing since 1999. He has introduced lots of new concepts in Homoeopathic field. He has made unique acceptance and respect among his patients by treating their disease and bringing them back to the normal life. He also attended various seminars and training programs in Singapore, Malaysia, Jakarta, Philippines, Bangkok, UAE, Qatar, and Bahrain for grasping knowledge and personality development. He is available on Monday and Thursday at Health care Alappuzha and Wednesday at Health care Thiruvalla.

Dr.M.R Raveendran DHMS – A vastly experienced homoeopathic doctor has played a pioneering role in the development of homeopathy in India during his 40 years of homoeopathic service. He was the district medical officer and MD of Kerala state HOMCO during his Government Service. He is known to thousands of patients as a kind and lively homeopathy doctor as well as a socially respected individual. He is Available on Saturday at Health Care Alappuzha.

Dr.Narayana Prasad BHMS, MD - A calm and patient homeopath who is well respected for his talent in the field of Homeopathy. Also recognized as an expert in solving complex cases of skin allergy and Respiratory problems. He has been loved and respected by his patients for resolving their complex skin problems and bringing them back to the normal mode of life. He is available on Friday at Health Care Alappuzha.

Dr.Nebu P Mathew BHMS, MD - A person who loves to teach homeopathy, his mission is to make homeopathy accessible to everyone. He is an expert in dealing with thyroid cases. He has presented many scientific papers regarding Thyroid and hormonal imbalance in various homoeopathic seminars. Dr.Nebu's expertise has helped to successfully treat a large number of Thyroid patients. He is available on Friday at Health Care Alappuzha.

Dr.Aneeta BHMS – She is heading the Female department of Health Care Homoeopathy. Dealing with Female diseases mainly menstrual irregularities, Fibroid, PCOD, Breast lumps and Infertility. She has attended large number of such cases with high success rate, reinstating the fact that homoeopathy is more effective and safer for female diseases. She is available on Tuesday at Health Care Alappuzha.

Dr.Shamila shemsheer BHMS – Dr.Shamila has been instrumental in directing two of the most important departments at Health Care Homoeopathy- KIDS Homoeopathy and General Departments. With her kids friendly attitude and her way of treating kids, she has won the heart of many a parents. In general department she is an expert in diagnosing the diseases and managing acute diseases (fever, cough, vomiting, diarrhea, different kinds of pains etc.). She is available all days from Monday to Saturday.

Health Care Specialty Clinics

MONDAY   Head ache and ENT Clinic DR.SATHEESH KUMAR, BHMS, Director Health Care Homoeopathy.        
TUESDAY   Gynaecology and Infertility Clinic. DR. ANEETA , BHMS.  
THURSDAY   Ortho and Neuro Clinic. DR.SATHEESH KUMAR, BHMS, Director Health Care Homoeopathy.  
FRIDAY   Skin, Respiratory and Allergy Clinic. DR. NARAYANA PRASAD, BHMS, MD  
FRIDAY   Thyroid and Hormonal imbalance Clinic. DR. NEBU P MATHEW, BHMS, MD  
SATURDAY   Cancer Clinic, Gastroenterology and Piles Clinic. DR. M.R RAVEENDRAN, Rtd DMO Alappuzha.        
MONDAY TO SATURDAY   Pediatric and General Clinic. DR. SHAMILA SHEMSHEER, BHMS.        
TIMINGS – Morning 9 to Evening 7        


Health Care Homoeopathy
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Health Care Homoeopathy
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